WordPress: The Vision of Five And What it Means

I was in Europe this past week for WordCamp Europe. I was accepted to speak about security, go figure… :)

Of the several talks I sat in on, the one I found most fascinating was the interview with Matt Mullenwegg ( WordPress Co-Founder, Head of the WordPress Foundation, CEO / Founder of Automattic). I am not sure why, I have often found myself in the crowd listening to Matt give a talk of some kind, whether it’s in a Town Hall setting or an interview. I have crossed verbal swords with him on posts and twitter, extending and interpreting his words based on my own personal biases, etc.. This time however, for once, I just listened and tried to really appreciate what he was saying.

Sometimes when you shut up, it’s amazing the things you really hear…
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WordPress.org Promotes 100% GPL MarketPlace

Have you noticed anything new on WordPress.org lately? I have.

Right smack on the front page there is a new ad for a MarketPlace that is 100% GPL compliant, well, at least what I like to call WordPress GPL Compliant. And yes, there is a distinction, but that’s a story for another day.

Perezbox WordPress MarketPlace Support

I actually meant to write about this, last week I think, when I first saw signs of stink unfolding on the #dramapress train (courtesy of Brad) and got consumed with life. This evening it came up again on our favorite show, DradCast, in which Matt Mullenweg co-hosted the show with the two banditos we love to hate and hate to love – Brad and Dre. You can catch the full show here.

But Back to the Point…

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WordCamp San Diego 2013 – PressNomics For All

This was an interesting year for me when it comes to WordCamp San Diego.

It was the third one being held in the city and the first in which I was not involved. I have to admit, it was odd but pleasant. I remember a conversation in which someone told me that WordCamp organizers are perhaps the most under-appreciated volunteers in the WordPress eco-system, and I have to admit they probably are. Having been part of the organizing team for the first two I know first hand the obstacles they face and have to overcome to be successful. Which is also one of the reasons I am volunteering to help the WordCamp Guidelines committee.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 9.35.35 PM

In a few short words, “Thank you organizers for a job well done!!”

Speaking of which, if you haven’t, I encourage you to take a minute to take our public survey on the guidelines here: http://make.wordpress.org/events/2013/03/08/wordcamp-guidelines-report-5/

But I Digress…

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WordPress Businesses Find a Home in Pressnomics

In March of this year, 2012, I remember first hearing about the event. It was publicly announced in one of the early renditions of WPLateNight. I remember thinking this sounds like something interesting. So much so that I took a minute to write my first impression and what I understood the event to be about. I think it is fair to say that it did not disappoint and my understanding was spot on.

Admist the silent whispers in virtual corners and public naysayers the event made its first appearance in Chandler, Arizona last week and did so in style. Although there were various glitches along the way, none were overwhelming enough to say the event was anything but a success. In doing so, cementing a home for all businesses within the WordPress ecosystem.
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