Updating Permalinks in Ghost

When I think about blogging, there is perhaps no more important feature or concern than impacts to SEO. It's perhaps one of the biggest concerns many will likely experience when performing a migration to the Ghost blogging platform. I recently migrated my personal blogs to this platform and share some Read More

Make a Decision

Running a business you will be faced with more decisions than you count or track, what will set you apart is your ability to make a decision. Indecisiveness is the one trait you cannot afford when tasked to be a good leader. The risk of indecision is preferable to the Read More

SaaS Pricing and WordPress Businesses

I’m truly fascinated by the WordPress business ecosystem. I’m frankly not sure why; when I look at it, it feels so young and at times exhausting, and yet so fascinating at the same time. I always want to fast forward 10 years, just so that I can look Read More

Your Personal and Professional Brand

At an event recently a friend of mine was cracking jokes on my online appearance. Although only joking, you can always tell when there is some truth to it. It was enough where I started giving it a bit more thought. In the process, I realized he was correct. So Read More