The personal site for Tony Perez.

"How hard can it be?" - Tony

Overly optimistic about future potential, but highly pragmatic on execution. Tony has devoted the past 20 years to technology and challenging himself to explore new ideas and concepts.


This site is devoted to his personal musings and projects.


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About me...

Part-time rancher, full-time technologist. I live on a functional ranch, west of Forth Worth, where we enjoy a simpler, slower, life. This environment helps create the right balance I require to stay creative, reducing distractions while increasing my mental stimulation.


I was born in Miami, Florida, migrated to California through the Marine Corps in 2000, and settled in Texas in 2020 amid the global pandemic.


I have committed over 20 years to technology, earning my undergraduate and graduate degrees in technology management and having built numerous technology startups and projects.


Today, I am the Founder at CleanBrowsing (a DNS-based content filtering service), NOC (Speed and Security for websites), and Trunc (a log management platform).


My spare time is spent dabbling across a number of different hobbies, the most prominent being Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) (brown belt), CrossFit, Horsemanship and off-roading.