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"I’m passionate about leading and innovating in cybersecurity to make the digital world safer for everyone. My personal goal is to help develop and scale solutions that protect digital assets, mentor upcoming leaders in the industry, and drive strategic advancements that have a real impact. Through teamwork and expertise, I aim to enhance online security for businesses, governments, and individuals alike, globally." - Tony Perez


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As a senior-level technology and cybersecurity executive, I bring over two decades of experience in leading and managing innovative startups, established businesses, and complex security portfolios. I have a proven track record of founding and scaling successful businesses, driving strategic vision, and delivering significant financial growth. I excel in managing large, diverse teams across multiple countries, advising on cybersecurity investments, and providing executive leadership to high-profile organizations. My key professional skills encompass operational management, product development, market strategy, and strategic partnerships.

Today, I am the Founder of CleanBrowsing, a DNS-based content filtering service, NOC, which provides speed and security for websites, and Trunc, a log management platform. These ventures reflect my commitment to advancing technology and making cybersecurity solutions accessible.

Academically, I hold both undergraduate and graduate degrees in technology management and a graduate certificate in Information Security. These programs helped build my foundation in the principles of technology, business and security, enabling me to develop the strategic and operational skills necessary for leading high-tech ventures. My education has been asset in shaping my approach to building and managing technology startups, as well as in driving innovation and efficiency within my organizations.

In my spare time, I engage in various hobbies, including Olympic Weightlifting, Crossfit, and Ranching. These activities help keep me physically and mentally active, while contributing to my overall well-being and creativity.