Holiday Travel Sprint

I am at the tail end of a 48 hour stop at home before continuing on my four week haul. Tomorrow I head to Hawaii for a few days before jumping on a plane and heading to Okinawa, Japan for a week.

This normally wouldn’t bother me, but it’s occurring during the time of year that I like to go on auto-pilot. Enjoy the quite time at home with the boys, wife and dogs. I think what also makes things uncomfortable is that I return on the 23rd. That’s a bit closer than I like, especially since I hate being at airports during the holiday’s.

Either way, I can’t complain too much. I have had an enjoyable two days – spent it resting, engaging the industry, doing homework, playing with the boys and cursing the dog. Ended the night watching the UFC fights (speaking of which, poor Koscheck – he won’t be using that eye for a while).

There is one thing to look forward to tomorrow and the days that follow – the people. It’s inevitable, I am bound to find myself laughing at or angry with someone. Either for something they did, something they’re wearing, or something they say.

That being said, I’m ready for you fellow travelers. Bring it!


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