Okinawa Aquarium

Whale Shark

This recent trip to Okinawa was unlike most of my trips with this particular client. Normally the trips are comprised of sleep deprivation and hydration exercises, accompanied by lengthy nature walks in the jungle looking for long lost ranges and training areas. (This is but a slight exaggeration..:))

This time, the days were not so eventful. One of things this extra time afforded us was the opportunity to get out and investigate the island. One of the places we ended up at was the Churami Aquarium.

Here, at the Aquarium, I saw my first ever whale shark. What an impressive specimen of a fish. Did you know that the whale shark is the largest fish with no natural predators, other than man. Yeah, well, neither did I.

While at the Aquarium we also¬† took time to sit and watch the dolphin and whale show – you know the same one you see at most sea worlds. Well, I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t been to a sea world in ages or if perhaps my age is making me soft but I had a magnificent time watching these animals perform. I would be lying if I didn’t say that at times I was wondering what it would be like if flipper flipped himself out of the pool – horrible I know.

In any event, I decided to video tape the show for my kids, then it dawned on me that this would also make a great post for you guys. Not sure when you last saw one of these shows, but I thought they were truly spectacular.


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