JC – Weigh In

Woohoo! I went in today for my first real weigh in and I have lost an astounding 7.5 lbs since starting a week and a half ago.

Granted, I am expecting to lose a good 10 – 20 lbs the first couple of weeks as the initial soft fat shreads off.. but it’s still nice to see it on the scale. It’s even more exciting to see it in the way my clothe is fitting and the compliments I am getting.

I also feel more energized, which isn’t a bad thing with the number of things I’m juggling these days.

Remember folks, I’m aiming to be 250 lbs by my first deployment. With today’s weigh in I’m at 282. Another 30 lbs to go and another 6 – 8 weeks before my first tour. Let’s do this.

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