Jenny Craig – Update

I can’t believe it has been close to a month since I last pushed out a post. To my five subscribers, I’m sorry…

I’ll have to break down the shenanigans over a series of posts; let’s focus right now on where I stand with my diet (cough), I mean my lifestyle change.

I went in yesterday, as I have been for the past 5 weeks, and weighed myself. I was elated that I had lost another 2.6 pounds. The weight loss had slowed dramatically the past few weeks; I went from 5 – 8 pounds to 1 – 2.5 pounds over the last three weeks. I was actually happy with a 1 – 2 pound loss per week, it sounds more sustainable to me.

Overall, I find myself 26.8 pounds lighter than when I started. I feel great about myself.

I now have the challenge of getting my clothe tailored, which in case you didn’t know can get pretty pricey. I am happy to¬† do it though, one thing is loosing the weight, the second is then feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing. Last thing you want to do is look like a clown….

This brings the end of my Jenny Craig journey. I was doing it in preparation of an upcoming trip; a trip which will require me to be quick on my feet and mentally strong.

With the momentum of the last five weeks I now push forward in the hopes of losing another 50 + pounds off the program.


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