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I cannot believe that my last post was July 28th of this year. It was while I was home on R&R from Afghanistan. How the time flies…To catch everyone up… this is what I’ve been up to the past couple of months…


Some know, some don’t, I spent about 5.5 months in Afghanistan with one of my 8 to 5 jobs. For those that didn’t know while focusing on CubicTwo and Sucuri I have also been holding down an 8 to 5 job. What can I say, I’m a gluten for punishment.

Well, I am happy to report that I am no longer going to Afghanistan, at least not in the foreseeable future. I actually quit that company. Let’s just say we didn’t see eye to eye on a couple of key issues. It happens, what can I say…

Had a Baby….

Well I didn’t, my wife did. I actually wasn’t even in the room.. :(… I did manage to see the birth via my iPad while in Afghanistan. That was kind of neat, to see where we have come with Technology. My beautiful Ava Josephine was born September 9th..:)

Hewlett Packard

I did a short sting, about 7 weeks, working as a contractor for Hewlett Packard.. once again one of those 8 – 5 gigs I reference earlier. That was an experience, sorry it didn’t last longer, but the time had come.

Bought a Harley

Just because I wanted to spruce up my life I went ahead and thought it’d be a cool idea to buy a Harley, so I did. Bought myself a nice Fat Boy Low 2011. Did my first long-haul for BikerFest 2011, Southern California to Vegas. My arse was sore, but it made it.

Martial Arts

I recently saw a post by BJJ instructor on Facebook, they were showing all the most recent promotions and I was yearning to get back into the swing of things. It probably won’t happen until the beginning of the year, but it was nice to see familiar faces. I did however pick up Karate, not really sure why. I’ve never really been impressed with it, but something attracted me to it. Now I really enjoy it. Pretty soon I hope to be able to do Karate, Muay Thai, and BJJ.. that would be really fun…

Let’s see what happens, my biggest issue is not getting hurt. Literally can’t afford that…


After taking a few months off in the beginning of the year to recover from a failed course I jumped back on the school wagon. Reversed my “F” to an “A” and kept pushing forward. Have since finished another two courses and am slowly pushing forward.

Biker Riding Club

Just because I had so much spare time I decided to up and join a Riding Club, MENSREA is the name. It’s Latin for “Guilt Minded,” starting to think we should have just gone with “Guilty Minded” would probably do away with all the funny pronunciations and funny looks. Maybe the looks are because of the purple.. either way, it sounded like a good time, so I did it.

Embraced my Entrepreneur Spirit

Finally, after close to two years of playing with the idea I crossed over to the dark side of self-employment and running my own businesses. After much discussion with the family I realized the time had come. I realized I was not giving my 8 to 5 jobs the attention they deserved or the quality of work I was capable of. My mind was always thinking of new approaches and yearned for the flexibility to employ them.

So now, these days, you’ll find me working on Sucuri LLC and CubicTwo LLC.


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