Social Engineering – Today’s Reality

Although social engineering has been around for some time, it’s probably not been as prevalent as it has become in recent months. Perhaps the one event that has forced many of the largest companies to rethink their security posture was the complete dissolution of Matt Honan’s digital presence in August. In the weeks following it sparked much discussion and uproar around the existing protocols employed by Apple and Amazon and other big service providers.

Today Matt Honan put out another exceptional post on Cosmo, a cracker that goes by the name of Cosmo the God. What’s by far most impressive is he is only 16 years of age, but then again, is it really? Besides the jaw-dropping size of the youngster, his insight and knowledge of social engineering techniques was and is impressive.

If you’re interested in better understanding what social engineering is all about then this is definitely a post you want to read.


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