Stop Thinking, Start Doing

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we can’t do something because we lack the knowledge in something or we don’t have this one thing. We spend more time looking for answers on how to do something, than just doing it.

Over the past few years I have spoken with countless startup executives in the tech industry. These are not the Silicon Valley types, I do not do well with these.

They are quiet, humble, disconnected from the valley noise executives building amazing solutions to interesting problems. They are almost all bootstrapped, an Angel round sprinkled here and there. They don’t lie to themselves about who they are, and yet, have built businesses that range between $10 – $50 M a year in revenue.

In all instances they have spent over a decade building their business. They don’t have the institutionalization everyone speaks to in regards to executives, teams or processes. Frameworks is not a term that comes freely in their vocabulary.

What they do share, however, is time invested, intimate knowledge of the problem they are solving, and a will to do. They almost all grew organically, choosing to grow slowly and modestly vs burning cash in the hopes of exponential growth. They didn’t wait to have all the knowledge, instead they leaned in and started doing knowing the knowledge will come with time.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is to distance yourself from the noise. Stop focusing on the answers everyone is offering, and focus on the answers you already have.

You need less than you think to start, so start.

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