Screaming Into the Void

When I look across different online mediums I find myself disconnected from the world, unable to find genuine connection with the conversations being had. How peculiar an experience in a world that is supposed to be so connected. I thought all the platforms were going to connect us?

Everyone seems to be an expert, and yet no one seems to be an expert. It’s impossible to decipher truth from companies, governments or individuals. Conversations are diluted to < 300 characters, and threads, and yet the content itself exists everywhere, but nowhere.

Our insatiable appetite for content demands content be created, and it is. Created. Recycled. Repeated. And no matter the amount of content, it’s never enough. We can hear the same thing 150 different ways, and yet we demand more of it. We no longer write for our customers, and readers, it’s absolutely for the machines, the platforms.

But who am I kidding. Do we really write anymore? We live in a world of video, dynamic content, snippets that paraphrase opinions and thoughts. We’re too busy with the need for more information, but have no time for it when it arrives.

I am guilty of this.

Whether an individual, or organization, who are we really talking to? Who are we screaming at? Who are we pitching to? What does the void offer us tomorrow?

The Marketer will say I’m talking to my persona… my audience…

The Salesman will say I’m talking to the prospect in front of me…

The Engineer will say I’m talking to anyone that thinks this is cool..

The CFO will say, I’m talking to anything that helps these numbers tell a better story..

The Founder will say, I’m talking to everyone..

The Individual will say, I’m talking to me..

But who are we really talking to? We are all fighting the same platforms, pushing the same content, hoping to beat the system that one time. Screaming into the void, hoping to be the one voice that gets heard if only for a micro second, and then it’s gone and we start the process all over again.

For as much as I love tech, there are times that I sit back and dream about a time when it was simpler, a time when it wasn’t about the void.

No, I am not depressed. I’m just genuinely curious about tomorrow, and no, I don’t think web3 is the answer – Ha!

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