Accounting for Irate Customers

What is it about customer support that drives us mad? Not just for those of us that manage and provide customer support, but ourselves as consumers. Is it that as a society we have lost all faith in the ability to get what we perceive to be quality service that we immediately begin each engagement with…

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Lessons Learned From The Cab Industry

Business Lessons From Cab Companies

When was the last time you were in a cab? How awesome of an experience was it when you did? Was it memorable? I’ve spent the past two weeks on the road, splitting my time between Las Vegas, San Francisco and Minneapolis. I found myself spending a lot of time getting from point A to…

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Accounting For The Squeaky Wheel

Squeaky Wheel

This has been on my mind for a while, likely because of how big of an issue it is for me. I didn’t realize how big of an issue it is though until I started doing some research. I came across the most eloquent description: It means that if you bitch loud enough, you’ll eventually…

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Know Your Clients

WordCamp San Diego

I don’t know why I don’t write more about business, finances or projects, but maybe this is the start.. who knows.. What I do know is that I sat in a great talk this weekend by my good friend Steve Zehngut, Founder and CTO of Zeek Interactive. To get a sense of how awesome they…

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Managing Client Expectations

Managing Clients Expectations

This is something that I have been wanting to write about for some time. For one reason or another I always fail to do so. Often it’s because I have that little guy on my shoulder telling me that if read by the wrong person it could be interpretated incorrectly and it could have negative…

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