CaboPress – A Business MasterMind (I Think)

For the past three years Chris Lema has invited me to join him at his event – CaboPress. For three years I have declined the request. I declined previously for two reasons: Didn’t think I had much to offer, Afraid of the impressions hanging out on a resort in Mexico would have on my team.…

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It’s Ok Not To Know

I Don't Know

I can’t remember when it became necessary to know it all. Can you? Somewhere in our psyche though, as we’ve evolved we have found this need to have an answer to everything question. If we don’t have the answer, we somehow feel weak or incapable, and worst yet feel that others will look down on…

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Personal Insecurities

Insecure Impostor Syndrome

This past weekend I spent some time with my friend, Chris Lema. He’s a fascinating man with great insights in a number of areas; the one we stumbled on this Saturday was people and leadership. Over the past few months, as I continue to evolve into my role, I continuously question my philosophies. It’s a…

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The Harsh Reality of Running a Business


Yesterday a very well respected entrepreneur, Rand Fishkin, put out a very personal post on his struggle with depression over the past 12 months and it’s affects on his ability to run his business, although deeply personal and very open, it resonated with me for a variety of reasons. In fact, it something that resonates…

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