How To Protect Your Business Data

It’s impossible to go a week without seeing some reference to a data breach, whether it’s a write up on what happened years ago, or updates on breaches that are still happening. The two breaches I found most interesting where a treasure trove of ┬ábusiness data (not credit card data) was exfiltrated, and subsequently released…

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Java Zero Day: Two Vulnerabilities

Security Warnings

Yesterday was an interesting one for the security world, it was a buzz over the new Java 0-Day and today is no different. It turns out however that it’s not just one (1) zero-day, it’s two and they were introduced back in July of 2011. We shared our initial thoughts on the vulnerability yesterday. Today…

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DNSChanger Malware: Verifying You Are Clean

Information About Internet Security

There has been a lot of buzz this week about the DNSChanger malware, I wanted to take a minute to summarize it for my friends and family. History If you’re curious what this is and why it is so important then read this section. What’s important to note is that DNSChanger is a type of…

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Selecting a MAC Anti-Virus Solution

Mac Security

I am what most would consider to be a new adopter of Apple machines, less than 6 months, other than the obvious iPhone that is. It’s important to note though that this hasn’t been my first try, I attempted the conversion about 14 months ago and failed miserably. I found myself secretly getting my Windows…

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