Create a Distribution List Using Google Apps

So I was on a quest this week to create a distribution list for a friend and his business and I got pretty frustrated with Google’s new Admin changes. After some digging I figured it out and figured I’d share my findings with you.

If you do some searches online you’re likely to find yourself on Google support page, something I found less than helpful, so here is a quick break down on what you need to do.

Distribution List

If you’re not familiar with Google Apps, then I highly recommend you look into it. It’s an easy to use solution that allows you to configure a number of things, email being but one of those. I like it though for small and large companies alike, it’s an easy way to configure your company to use it’s domain as an email (.e.g.,,

Using your domain is always a more attractive solution, last thing you want is prospective clients getting emails from a generic,, or some other free email provider. It’s about appearances, and let’s face it there is a certain level of professionalism that is portrayed when someone gets an email from you that’s under your domain. I can almost hear people chuckling as they read this, but I think many of us in the technical field take this simple feature for granted. Unfortunately many of your local mom-and-pop shops are vaguely familiar with the idea and many yet don’t posses the technical knowledge to configure it for themselves. Many others try to get into the email server business and often integrate the feature with other online properties like chat or website services, that’s a horrible approach. If nothing else, I encourage you to look into Google Apps.

There was a time when this was free, that time has unfortunately passed. So you’re going to have to dig deep and cough up some cash, sorry, but it’s well worth it. The good news is that you can set things up to be on a monthly basis and you can decide how to proceed that way. Currently, it’s set as $5 / user, this isn’t bad until you start thinking through the types of emails you want.

Small snippet of what most organizations will want:
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