What a day!

WordPress Tattoo

Had a hell of a day today.

As I mentioned before my little cousin stayed with the family a few days this past week. Well, today I had the “privilege” of driving her down to San Diego to meet up with some friends. Interesting that when I dropped her off the car was made up of a three dudes… I couldn’t help but think to myself, wow, seriously a car full of dudes.. uh.. ok.. but I’ll save that for a different day; I could go off on a tangent on that topic alone.

We planned the meet up at the Fry’s off Aero Drive in San Diego ( just North of the Murf). They went off and did there thing and as I sat there contemplating the 1 1/2 hour drive home decided to cruise through Fry’s for a minute to stretch my legs. Imagine putting a fat kid in front of cake, I know, how the hell do you keep him from tasting the frosting. Well that’s the dilemma I found myself in. I couldn’t help but touch the pretty boxes and check all the prices. It’s a good thing that unlike the fat kid who can swallow the lack of funds on my cards kept me from purchasing.

From there I started the journey home. The drive was mostly uneventful. Just kind of sat back and enjoyed the quite time.

I did stop at the Men’s Wearhouse and restocked on some work shirts. What can I say the dryer has been shrinking my shirts. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It’s all the wife units fault…

CubicTwo Tattoo

Anyway, for whatever reason I got a wild hair up my arse to go to the Tattoo shop. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s how the day ended. I spent about 4 hours at the shop; that in itself is funny. Never have I met folks that are so anti work. They’re a funny bunch.

I have been itching for some new ink for the past couple of months. I am not an artistic type so I have been struggling with it for a while. I know I want some type of war mural on my arms, but getting the design put together has been difficult. I opted for two logos today – CubicTwo and WordPress.

CubicTwo is the firm my brother (@dremeda) and I started and WordPress is the technology we develop our websites on.



  1. dre on October 10, 2010 at 7:41 am

    The work came out awesome T!

    • Tony on October 10, 2010 at 5:26 pm

      Thanks Dre

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