JC – Diet Challenges

Well, I’m only the fourth day into the Jenny Craig program and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. It has not been without it’s challenges though.

  • Soda: Before the program, I was an adamant soda drinker – mainly Coke, Dr. Pepper and Fanta. Since I have started I have not touched it, that has been extremely hard. I even felt bad; my wife was like oh the soda drinking shouldn’t be bad, you really don’t drink soda. I then informed her that I stopped every morning on the way to work for my 44 oz drink, and at lunch I never walked away with less than a 32 oz.  #fail. It’s actually been easier with the soda then I thought, what I do find myself craving are sweet juices. I used to put down a 1/2 gallon of minute maid fruit punch in one day as well.
  • Fast Food: This has probably been one of my toughest challenges. I do find myself craving some fast food, maybe some tacos from Chipolte, or a Double Quarter pounder from Mickey D’s. Don’t even talk to me about pizza – which my wife at the audacity to order the other night. That’s ok though, it was good for me to combat the urge to stuff my face. It really is amazing those foods are, just a couple of days off and just the smell gets my stomach rumbling.

Either way, I have been proud of myself. I quit everything cold turkey and have been trying to follow the diet religiously. It doesn’t hurt that the Jenny Craig food is actually pretty darn good. I have even been feeling pretty good – don’t feel bloated or excessively full after meals, or full at all for that matter..:)

There is one person that has been cheering me on and supportive; that’s my beautiful wife (@mrsperezbox). She’s been a rockstar so far; going to the store to buy me my produce and vegetables, purchasing things she knows I don’t like so that I won’t be tempted and continuously giving me compliments on how proud she is or the changes she is seeing. This is what its all about, it’s the support system that helps you become successful in your goals. Thanks baby for your support!

Well, that’s all I have to report for my first couple of days. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Melody on January 10, 2011 at 4:41 am

    although a nice burger sounds amazinggg right now…. im very proud of you as well for doing this! i’m not sure i could do it if it was me so keep it up!! :D

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