Focusing on 2012…

Most are posting about 2011, yet I can’t help but focus on the coming year…

I cannot remember a year where my goals and my plan to hit those goals were so clear. While not old, I am old enough to know that its about a manageable strategy to success that counts.

My biggest objective for this year is to refocus my energies on personal and professional successes. Accomplishing will be attained by:

First and foremost becoming a better father. Being home for a month has shown huge changes in our relationship and I hope to continue to strengthen that bond.

Second is to be a better husband. I think that means not leaving my laundry next to the hamper, instead to actually put it in. I think it also includes keeping my mess in my office and away from the rest of the house. And it could mean watching the kids from time to time.. we’ll see… : D

Third is to help my company, Sucuri LLC, which I manage and operate with other partners, reach our very ambitious goals. There is no better feeling than being your own boss; there is also no bigger fear than being the “man” in the eyes of your employees.

Fourth is to reengage in my martial arts passion. I think I am coming to terms that I am too broken and distracted to think I will ever end up in the middle of a cage but that should not stop me from engaging in the arts. I hope to maintain engagement in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Okinawan Karate through the year. As a child I could not afford it financially, as an adult I cannot afford not to do it. The key will obviously be staying away from injuries…

Fifth is to continue on my academic plan, which has me me in my graduate program through February 2013. This year its a matter of pushing through any obstacles and staying away from breaks, must stay focused. I also plan to reassess my academic goals after my MBA.

Finally, it’s to enjoy the open road and ride with my brothers as much as humanly possible without negatively impacting my other goals.

I write this, not because I think any of you care, but because I have long learned that writing things down always increases the odds that I will actually follow through with them. That being said, I could write it on a piece of paper, maybe tape it to my wall, maybe put it on an electronic document, but what’s the point? Why not leverage what I use to make a living… why not put it where I can be held accountable?

Happy New Year to all!



  1. Dre on January 3, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    Great post, Tony! I wish you luck this year and beyond, and I hope you attain all of your goals and aspirations.


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