DrupalCon Europe 2016 – Building a Security Framework for Your Websites

Last week I spent a few days in beautiful Dublin, Ireland for DrupalCon Europe 2016. I had the opportunity to present a new presentation in which I try to introduce an approach to building a security framework that anyone can build and deploy.

We live in an age where the threats against our website are real, and their impacts have the potential to be devastating. As open-source CMS applications continue to become a staple in our infrastructure stack, organizations are faced with the challenges of accounting for this new attack vector. With limited resources and knowledge, organization need a streamlined approach to managing their websites. In the talk below I share some thoughts on how to think about security more holistically by thinking through an attackers TTPs and using that to help build a repeatable framework applicable to all website owners, regardless of organization size.

Here is the slide deck:

If you find yourself looking to complement your existing security controls with a solution designed to prevent external attacks against your websites let us know at Sucuri. We specialize in professional incident responses services, monitoring, DDoS mitigation and hack prevention via a cloud-based WAF.

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