3 Tips to Secure Your Home Network

Whether we like it or not, we have all become the network administrators of our own home networks. As such, our responsibilities extend beyond protecting our families to helping to be good stewards of the networks we’re connecting to (e.g., Work). To help, here are a few tips that should help you create a safe…

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Mitigating Web Threats with DNS Security | CleanBrowsing

On December 18th, DeepInstinct put out a great article outlining the latest Legion Loader campaign. Whether a parent, or organization, this served as a great example to demonstrate the effectiveness of DNS security in mitigating this type of attack. Legion Loader Campaign This campaign is suspected of being a dropper-for-hire campaign because of the number…

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DNS Firewall to Enhance Your Networks Security | CleanBrowsing

Internet Security

DNS is the internets lookup table, it builds a bridge between the domain name (e.g., perezbox.com) and the IP address (e.g., The IP address being where you can find the server that hosts the domain. In addition to its job as a lookup table, it can also serve as an effective security control. DNS…

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Rethinking the Value of Premium SSL Certificates

There is an active campaign to reshape how online consumers see SSL certificates, with special interest in shutting down premium certificates by the browsers and security practitioners. This article will shed some light into what is going on, provide some context as to why it’s happening; and it will also offer my own personal opinions…

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The Sucuri team recently released their second annual security report for 2018 – Hacked Website Report 2018. It looks at a representative sample of infected websites from the Sucuri customer base ONLY. This report helps understand the actions taken by bad actors once they penetrate a website. This report analyzed 25,466 infected websites and 4,426,795 cleaned files; aggregating…

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