Digital Learning

In a previous post I shared some of the tools I use to be a constant learner. They are amazing resources that help you invest in yourself.

Today I’ll share some more resources. Some come from a post my good friend Heather Dopson made on Facebook, and others are other resources I’ve thought of.

Want to write a book?

Scrivener is a tool for you. They offer a 30 day trial, about $49 for the product. You could download the tool free for 30 days, take the webinar on Friday and be on the best path for getting your book written.

There is a webinar on 3.20.2020 that is designed to help you get started.

Want to build an online community?

Ever thought of building on online community? Membership communities are an incredible way to generate revenue.

The guru in the space is Stu McLaren and he is offering a free guide to get started.

Want to learn about Digital Marketing?

Ryan Deiss’s is an accomplished digital marketer with DigitalMarketer. He is offering his Lab Pro for free through the end of the month.

Want to learn about working remotely?

My good friend Chris Lema has a great resource for leading teams remotely, and the guys at BaseCamp literally wrote the book on Remote work. Another great resource to learn more about distributed work is

Looking for places to apply for remote work?

Is your company making you go into the office? Do you find yourself wondering, why? Can’t I just do this from home? Ever been interested in working remotely? is a great resource for remote work opportunities.

If there is something I have learned over the years, and continue to be reminded of, is how fortunate I am to work in the tech world. I, like many of you, probably forget what it is not to know.

As of late, as I detach myself more from tech, I find myself meeting some amazing, talented, individuals with amazing potential but lacking in the basic knowledge I take for granted. Their opportunities and potential cut short because they lack the basic knowledge of a professional email or how to establish their digital presence.

It kind of sucks.

With so many forced to hit the pause button, I can’t think of a better opportunity to capitalize on the moment.

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