Resources to Help You Take Advantage of Time

With time comes opportunity.

As we all get more accustomed to working from home, many of us will realize how much time and energy we waste in our business lives. Time is lost doing a number of things: driving to work, chit-chatting with friends, joining endless meetings, and the list goes on. Mind you, this experience is not the same for everyone (i.e., industry specific).

Needless to say, the advent of working from home, should, technically, introduce a lot more time to your life. I personally believe that for those that are truly productive you’ll likely be able to finish your work in a fraction of the time, adding even more time to your life.

So what is one to do with this new time?

It doesn’t take much to find meme’s across the web sharing insights into how to use the time to get more fit, spend time with your family, or play more with your pets. I am, however, a big advocate for distance learning.

Distance learning is how I have accomplished much in my life. This post will focus on the resources you have at your disposal. It will focus on the educational resources we have at our disposal to take control of our own destiny.

When things are down you can’t sit and wait for things to get better, you have to double down on yourself so that when it gets better you can capitalize on the new opportunities that will present themselves.

Sources of Professional Development

This applies to anyone that has to earn money for themselves, or their family. Doesn’t matter if you’re in tech, business, retail or the restaurant business.

As I often tell my teams, it’s not about what the institution is going to do for you but what you are going to do for yourself.

Many of these resources offer you trials, 7 – 14 days sometimes, it’s amazing what you can learn in those short time periods.

LinkedIn Learning

This platform came way of the acquisition of I personally enjoy their training style and curriculum. You can learn almost anything you want, from how to develop a website to how to manage your finances to how to start a company.


Linux Academy

This platform is the go to for most things technology related. It’s an amazing resources, with amazing hands-on-trainings and labs. You have the ability to spin up your own test environments and try everything you’re learning. It’s an amazing resource for technologists and those interested in technology.


Code Academy

Ever wanted to learn how to start programming? This is where I would send you. It starts from the very basics, and provides a great interactive platform.


WP101 / WPBeginner

Want to know more about this WordPress thing you keep hearing about? Here are two great resources. WP101 and WPBeginner have committed their existence to helping you get acquainted and be successful with the platform. With what you learn from them you can quickly get your idea online and start your own digital organization.



For Veterans Interested in Technology

If you’re a Veteran that was honorably discharged I encourage you to look at this new resource Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC).

For Kids

If you’re like me and you have kids, don’t worry there a number of great resources at your disposal. I have heard of two that I am only now getting familiarized with. Depending on your country, county, state this might become your friend really quick. In Riverside county, schools are being shut through April 30th.

Kahn Academy:

Scholastic Learn At Home:

Your Future is Your Responsibility

Whenever a team member would ask me what we were going to do to for them to improve, I would typically respond – “Show me you are investing in yourself before I invest in you.” As crude as it might sound, it was intentional. My personal belief is that if someone is unable to invest in themselves first, then why should I.

Regardless of where you are in your professional career you can never be too proud to advance yourself. Thankfully, we have been presented with an amazing opportunity. Let’s take advantage of it.

If you’re working from home you can probably do all your work, and still have time to invest in yourself, and if you’re out of work because of a lay off or something similar, you can use this time to learn a new skill. Regardless, immersing yourself in professional development is a great way to disconnect yourself from the overwhelming noise you might find across other mediums. Who knows, you might enjoy it! :)

I have no affiliation with any of the organizations above, they are just great resources with exceptional knowledge.

This is also a great opportunity to learn ways to create a family friendly network environment on your home network to help restrict access to porn / obscene content.

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