CaboPress – A Business MasterMind (I Think)

For the past three years Chris Lema has invited me to join him at his event – CaboPress. For three years I have declined the request. I declined previously for two reasons: Didn’t think I had much to offer, Afraid of the impressions hanging out on a resort in Mexico would have on my team.…

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Define A Financial Structure Early

Perezbox - Financial Structure

If you’re looking to exit your company, building the financial structure for your business will be important. It will be the most important piece of the equation in any future conversations. Unicorns need not apply. It is the most under appreciated. They will get you to the promise land, but then they will also fall…

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Understand the Problem To Build A Better Mousetrap

When I talk to organizations that are entering a new market I can quickly identify the ones that will succeed. I do so by looking for answers to two questions: Do they understand the problem space? Are they building a better mousetrap? Lacking appropriate visibility, that assessment often comes at a distance and fueled with…

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Establish a Personal Brand

Build a Personal Brand

It’s only recently that I have grown a deeper appreciation for personal brands. Prior to 2010, the idea of establishing a personal brand was a foreign concept to me. In 2010 Dre Armeda came up with perezbox, and the rest is history. It’s perhaps the single most impactful thing I have done for my own…

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A Chapter Ends. A New One Begins.

This chapter in my life began March of 2011. I was invited to join the team by Dre and Daniel. Coincidently, it ended on the month that I officially hit 6 years with the company. The idea was never mine, it belongs to Daniel; it was his vision, his idea. It was something I found fascinating and…

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Lessons Learned Playing With Pricing

When we first started, our pricing by all accounts was absurdly low. In my last post I chronicled the details of our pricing journey at Sucuri. Developers were finding that the cost was low enough that it was easier to send websites to us rather than invest their time, that could, at the time, run $40…

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