Updating Permalinks in Ghost

Using The Ghost Platform For Blogging

When I think about blogging, there is perhaps no more important feature or concern than impacts to SEO. It’s perhaps one of the biggest concerns many will likely experience when performing a migration to the Ghost blogging platform. I recently migrated my personal blogs to this platform and share some insights into the installation process…

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Install Ghost .5 on CentOS 7 w/NGINX

Blogging With The Ghost Platform

I recently wrote of the migration from WordPress to Ghost. In this post I want to share with you the installation workflow I used. I plan to go cradle to grave through the process. I’ve tested it a number times, and it works every time, so even if you’re a novice you should be able…

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Ghost: Blogging For The Future

Blogging With Ghost

It’s only been recently that I have come to the realization that I fit into the blogger category. In doing so, I have started to place more emphasis on the technologies I’m employing to get my work done. Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform For the better part of 5 years I have been an adamant…

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WordPress Fork in 2013?

WordPress Fork

So John O’Nolan started things off with a bang today with his Rethinking WordPress¬†post and it has sparked a lot of discussion across both sides of the fence. If time permits take a minute to look through the thread on YC’s Hacker News. John brings up a number of very good points, as does Matt…

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