Impacts of a Website Compromise

The threats of a compromise are real, and are not specific to operating an online store. Attackers find value in a number of things, some of which include your audience and resources. In this webinar I spend some time exploring a number of the impacts we should all be aware of as website owners. I…

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Website Security and Auto-Updates

Auto Update Software WordPress

If we could only auto-update our applications when vulnerabilities are identified, then we’d surely be safe… that seems to be today’s mindset. To a certain extent, that’s true, but it’s also false. The idea of auto-updates is not new, it’s been around for a while. It’s all the rave as of late when we talk…

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WordPress Security: Learning From Hacks

Website Hacking Lessons Learned

This evening I will be giving a presentation at WordSesh at midnight PST (0800 UTC). This goal of this presentation is to learn from hacks as the name implies. It’s fairly straight forward to talk about hardening and malware, it’s something different all together to understand the attackers. That’s what this presentation attempts to do…

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Web Threats Are Real: Be Proactive

Web Threats

This post is really designed for my family and friends. I write it because in the business that I am in I get to see hear the detrimental impact web based threats have on people. I hear horror stories of lost data, the amount of information they have lost and the impacts it has had…

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