WordCamp Las Vegas 2012: WordPress Security, Dealing with Today’s Hacks

In December I had the opportunity to speak at WordCamp Las Vegas 2012 on the topic of WordPress Security, Dealing with Today’s Hacks.

Every day there are new hacks that come online and the problem is affecting everyone. If you or a friend have found yourself at a tail end of a hack then then this talk is for you.

In this talk, I speak about the prominent WordPress hacks, how they affect and leverage WordPress resources and more importantly how to detect and remove, including Backdoors, Pharma Hack, Injections, and Malicious Redirects. I will also introduce you to working with Google Webmaster and how to deal with “Your site maybe be compromised” warnings in the Google’s search engine results pages.

While this talk will employ the use of terminal commands, it’s delivered in a way that end-users can understand, with instructions on how to navigate your host CPANEL configuration to make it work for you, as well as steps that will help you protect yourself from these hacks.

Check out the video on my presentation:

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