Mean People Fail: Do they Really?

Mean People Fail

This past weekend I was reading Paul Graham most recent article, Mean People Fail. If you don’t know who Paul Graham is, and you’re in the tech startup world, do some homework. He’s one of the most influential minds in the space today, followed by every would-be and successful entrepreneur in the world. I can’t think of a single person…

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The Ultimate Optimist: 25 years no Internet


Pretty awesome read, talks to how the internet blew the mind of a prisoner locked up for 25 years. More importantly what he was able to do while serving time to leverage the internet in ways that would prove beneficial when he got out. I want you to think about that, imagine being away for…

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The Social Media Dilemma for Businesses

Social Media Business

As many know I am one of the owners of a tech start-up and as of late social media has been kicking my butt. I often talk about keeping your cool and resorting to your more rational, logical, thoughts before engaging with people and engaging in debate, but I am quickly learning that its not…

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