Lady Luck


I often hear this phrase, It’s better to be lucky than good! and I’ve always found it a bit of an odd statement. Do I believe in lucky? Perhaps. I think that luck exists in a lot of forms. The guy that’s never played 21, yet blows everyone away on the first hand. The person…

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A Culture of Yes

Culture of Yes in Business

I have a friend, Chris Lema who loves to write about how much he says no, so much so that he has an entire tag dedicated to it. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Your ability to decipher the noise from the rest, is a bit of an art, and…

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Culture: The Journey

Sucuri Team Culture

For the better part of the past 7 months, my business partner, Daniel, and I have been infatuated with our culture. All aspects of it, what it really means, what it means to us, and more importantly, how is it defined. I think the basis of the question has really been, who and what are…

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Fitting the Mold

Be Different Be Yourself

As humans I think we like to over-complicate things by putting things in boxes that we can come to terms with. Boxes that we can appreciate or that might make sense. I fear that this type of thinking truly inhibits us from being transformative in the way we think and behave. We not only define…

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Chip on Your Shoulder


One of my few advisors recently told me, “Tony, you guys function as if you have a Chip on your Shoulder.” I couldn’t quite figure out if this was good or bad, it almost felt as if it was a gentle way of telling us something negative. Either way, it’s weighed on me for several…

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Why You Fail

Failure and Motivation

You don’t fail because you don’t have enough friends. You don’t fail because your idea isn’t unique. You don’t fail for lack of ideas. You don’t fail because of funding issues. You don’t fail because you were too early or too late to market. You fail because you can’t execute. You fail because you can’t…

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