Why You Fail

You don’t fail because you don’t have enough friends. You don’t fail because your idea isn’t unique. You don’t fail for lack of ideas. You don’t fail because of funding issues. You don’t fail because you were too early or too late to market.

You fail because you can’t execute. You fail because you can’t focus. You fail because you fail to embrace the grind.

Learn To Execute

When I sit back and study those that I aspire to be like, there is always one undeniable fact that makes them successful – their ability to execute. There ability to see something from beginning to end. The understanding that whether you are a team of 1, 50, or 5,000 this one simple concept will set you apart from the rest.

There is, however, a difference between blind execution and meaningful execution.

Too often though the more common execution type employed however I see blind execution, work to do work. To those external it appears as if something awesome is happening, yet to those close it’s clear that nothing is really being done.

The only real execution type that matters though is meaningful, everything else simply gets in the way and leads to failure. This is applicable to you whether starting a business, running a group, or simply trying to move up the ranks.

Get from point A to point B, it’s always harder than you might ever imagine — learn to execute.

Inability to Focus

Everyone understands the importance of focus, yet few are able to truly master it.

The distractions of life have a way of creeping into your every day routine. Whether it’s an over abundance of awesome ideas, the next big thing, or simple things like social media. Our lives today are one giant cluster of noise, noise designed to derail us from our objectives.

This can be applied to aspects of your life, from business to health. I attribute your inability to focus to misery, in that misery loves company. Ever notice how those that are unhealthy often love every one around them to be unhealthy? Or those that are satisfied with the status quo have a way of wanting you to be just as satisfied?

Sometimes you are your worst enemy, learn to wrangle your own thoughts; over exaggerate if you have to. As easy as it might seem, being able to focus is an art form that takes practice.

Your inability to focus will be the recipe to your failure.

Embrace the Grind

We have all met those guys that that make a lot of noise, attract a lot of attention. They have the huge followings, many aspire to be like them, and externally you can’t help but be in awe of what they have accomplished.

Yet, what I’m learning is that often those personalities are often far from those actually doing any work. I am categorizing them as personalities and nothing more.

These are the guys more in tune with giving advice than actually following their own. Perfect example being the lonely grind. There is perhaps, in my opinion, no lonelier experience than the grind.

After all the fanfare dies down, it comes down to you and yourself, you and your team, or any combination there after. Everyone loves to pump you up, “Atta kid, get after it!!“, “You’re going to kill it bro, do your thing!!”. This will fade away though with time, and you must be able to operate without the continuous pat on the back.

Those personalities, without a team to push through the grind, will fail. This is especially important when you’re starting off — whether a business or health objective. There is something very addictive about this attention and you have to fight hard to shake it off; focus on what matters. Get into the grind quickly, bypass the pomp and establish what will become your routine.

The days will be lonely, and no one will really care about the details — this is ok.

You must embrace the grind — embrace the suck!

Success Is Never Guaranteed

Make no mistake, success is never guaranteed. Doesn’t matter how sure fire the idea, how much money you have available to you, how many friends you might have, or how smart your team is.

Whether it’s a healthier lifestyle, or creating your first business. The road is riddled with mines, each designed to hold you back. The beauty of it though is that each of the things discussed here are within your control — they remove all dependency on anything or anyone, other than yourself.

So learn to execute, sharpen your focus, and embrace the grind!

What do you attribute to failure?

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