CaboPress – A Business MasterMind (I Think)

For the past three years Chris Lema has invited me to join him at his event – CaboPress. For three years I have declined the request. I declined previously for two reasons: Didn’t think I had much to offer, Afraid of the impressions hanging out on a resort in Mexico would have on my team.…

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The Power Of Two in Business


I sometimes sit and wonder how things ever got started. I wonder if it’s something that could be reproduced, or if it was just a luck of the draw. What I do realize however is that alone I don’t believe much could have been accomplished. In the beginning there were three of us at our…

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Why You Fail

Failure and Motivation

You don’t fail because you don’t have enough friends. You don’t fail because your idea isn’t unique. You don’t fail for lack of ideas. You don’t fail because of funding issues. You don’t fail because you were too early or too late to market. You fail because you can’t execute. You fail because you can’t…

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