A Chapter Ends. A New One Begins.

This chapter in my life began March of 2011. I was invited to join the team by Dre and Daniel. Coincidently, it ended on the month that I officially hit 6 years with the company. The idea was never mine, it belongs to Daniel; it was his vision, his idea. It was something I found fascinating and…

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Fitting the Mold

Be Different Be Yourself

As humans I think we like to over-complicate things by putting things in boxes that we can come to terms with. Boxes that we can appreciate or that might make sense. I fear that this type of thinking truly inhibits us from being transformative in the way we think and behave. We not only define…

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Why You Fail

Failure and Motivation

You don’t fail because you don’t have enough friends. You don’t fail because your idea isn’t unique. You don’t fail for lack of ideas. You don’t fail because of funding issues. You don’t fail because you were too early or too late to market. You fail because you can’t execute. You fail because you can’t…

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Mean People Fail: Do they Really?

Mean People Fail

This past weekend I was reading Paul Graham most recent article, Mean People Fail. If you don’t know who Paul Graham is, and you’re in the tech startup world, do some homework. He’s one of the most influential minds in the space today, followed by every would-be and successful entrepreneur in the world. I can’t think of a single person…

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Roles and Responsibilities

Sucuri Team

It always amazes me how simple and yet complex a concept this is. I am not talking about software roles and responsibilities, I am talking about the people aspect of projects and businesses. Everyone has an idea, everyone has an approach, and it feels as if the fields are always greener on the other side…

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