Tony Perez

The Concept of a "Pressnomics" Conference

Today it was publicly released that there is a new conference for businesses that leverage the WordPress platform as part of their service offering or as part of the business architecture – Pressnomics. It took me a minute to sick back and really think about the conference and how it differs from what we know of today as a WordCamp.

At first glance I couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, it had more to do with getting away from the Foundations oversight and breaking free from the perceived shackles. I would probably argue that some might still think that at first glance, and so I decided to think through it a bit more.


I think what really helped me formulate an opinion was tonights WPLateNight where Joshua Strebel was a co-host and talked to the idea of the conference and what his vision of it is.

Josh started to talking about the economics of our community, specifically the business side of our community and I think that is where it was triggered for me.

Economics in its purest sense talks to scarcity in resources and how to maximize return from those scarce resources. Not a “websters” definition, but its the simplest explanation without having eyes roll into the back of their heads. We then take a minute to think about WordPress, one of the most dominating content management systems (CMS) available on the web and growing daily.

So where is the connection?

Well that’s us, the business owners, those that are committing endless resources to extending the platform and helping it grow as popular as it has become.

There in lies the challenge

Understanding what it’s About

I was having a conversation this evening after the show talking to what I now understand of the conference and its potential value, this is what came of it:

  • The fundamental difference between a WordCamp and Pressnomics comes down to  its target market. While a WordCamp focuses on all end-users: business-owners, developers, designers, practitioners, etc… a Pressnomics conference will focus on those businesses that not only use it, but that have built businesses around the platform. There is a fundamental difference between someone that uses WordPress in their business, and someone that has built a business on WordPress.
  • In my honest opinion, when I look around the community, with exception to a few companies, I mostly see segmented groups of individuals that have come together lassoed together a company and have started doing business. Many with marginal business acumen, but a whole-lotta smarts and ambition. That is probably our biggest achilles heel and why we don’t hear more WordPress companies expecting $45M a year in gross revenue. This is where I see a conference like Pressnomics playing an instrumental role to our community.
  • The idea is about enriching and educating those that are adamant about the product and helping them build their business acumen. By leveraging the same principles that have made WordPress so powerful, community, and flipping the concept of capitalism on its head. Its not about the individual entity getting ahead, but the community as a whole getting ahead together.
  • It’ll be a forum in which WordPress Businesses are put in front of other company founders, who like us, have found a market demand and capitalized on their ideas. Not a WordPress demand, but a demand for some product, some service, and how that in itself was turned into a successful business. This in itself is priceless, the immediate return on investment should be 10 fold, not just for the business, but for the WordPress business community as a whole. In the end, smarter business professional building companies that are able to quickly and effectively deliver to their clients will only increase the market demand for WordPress.

What does it all come down to?

Growing up. Growing up as professionals. Growing up as business owners and taking our beloved platform to the next level.

What I would encourage us to do is take a minute and consider the possibility of an event like this. We have the opportunity to put our minds together and turn WordPress businesses into a multi-million dollar industry as a collective. I have long been a fan of the saying, “We get further as two, than as one.”