WordPress Business EcoSystem: Pressnomics

Tomorrow I will be boarding a plane headed, at a crisp 400 mph, to Phoenix, Arizona for the first WordPress conference tailored for the business ecosystem, Pressnomics. I remember when the announcement was first made earlier this year and my initial thoughts on what a conference like this would entail. Surprisingly, my thoughts haven’t really changed.

I do however find myself wondering if it’ll meet, exceed or fail all the above expectations. I can almost see pundits on either side ready to bash or praise the event. I wonder what insights will be shared. Will it ride on the coat tails of the recent community summit? Will this kumbaya like feeling that seems to have poured out of the summit find itself into Pressnomics?

And to those that bash me for talking InfoSec, you obviously haven’t heard me talk business before. :) The issue isn’t the subject, it’s the talking…

Here’s to an interesting week. Cheers!


  1. […] Perez commented on the “kumbaya” feeling that came out of the summit, and I hope that this lasts and that we make progress on our action […]

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