CaboPress – A Business MasterMind (I Think)

For the past three years Chris Lema has invited me to join him at his event – CaboPress. For three years I have declined the request. I declined previously for two reasons: Didn’t think I had much to offer, Afraid of the impressions hanging out on a resort in Mexico would have on my team.…

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Automattic’s Push into Managed WordPress and It’s Potential Impacts to the Hosting Ecosystem

The Managed WordPress ecosystem welcomes a new entrant – Automattic. Today they officially announced that Business now supports plugins and third-party themes. I am fascinated by the move because I believe it to be an obvious impact to the Managed WordPress ecosystem.  In the interest of full disclosure, I work in the security division…

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Define A Financial Structure Early

Perezbox - Financial Structure

If you’re looking to exit your company, building the financial structure for your business will be important. It will be the most important piece of the equation in any future conversations. Unicorns need not apply. It is the most under appreciated. They will get you to the promise land, but then they will also fall…

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WordCamp Minneapolis 2015: Building and Running a Global Workforce

Tony Perez WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

Recently I spoke at WordCamp Minneapolis 2015 on Building and Running a Global Workforce: The People Aspect of a Remote Company. While I usually speak about security, in this talk I share the challenges of a remote work force and speak about people issues, culture, growth challenges, scaling, and everything in between. In June of…

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A Day with the Woo: WooConf 2014

Woo Conf

To think I was not going to attend the event. It was already later in the year, November, and besides, as my beloved friend Chris Lema pointed out, I had been rejected to speak. Forgive @perezbox and his tweets. He got a rejection letter from #wooconf without even applying to speak. — Chris Lema (@chrislema)…

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