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Sometimes I wonder why I did this to myself, start a blog that has to be maintained, but don’t worry I will maintain it, I hope.

That being said, the past few weeks have been busy. While I have posted here, there have been a number of things going on. The most notable, notable in the sense of popularity, was Yahoo’s security breach. We, Sucuri, wrote more about it here:, we even put out a nice little tool that allows you to check your email to see if it was compromised.

Regardless, because of the breech the advise, if you haven’t already, is to update your credentials across all their properties. Although it appears to be isolated to one property, it’s like the same security practice is taken across their others. Never a good thing.

Other Posts of Interest

I have also been busy putting out content on our Learn Blog. Two of the more notable ones in the past few weeks include:

  • Google Blacklist Warning: Somethings’ Not Right Here!! – In it I write about the various Google Blacklisting warnings. Did you know that there are three (3) kinds and they each mean something else? There are also different ways to submit and address them. To find out more simply read the post. I try to keep it as simple and straight forward as possible.
  • How To: Stop The Hacker by Hardening WordPress – Here I use the post to share one of my more recent presentations on WordPress Security, I’ll share it below, but I also highlight what I think are 5 things that most people can do, but that aren’t always discussed. It received great response from the community, so if you haven’t, I’d recommend reading it over again.

Here is the presentation again:

The one I probably enjoyed the most was:

Understanding Conditional Malware – IP Centric Variation: I enjoyed this one because I continue to love the evolution of web-based malware. Of course its to be expected, but its always just nice to read through and smile. In it I describe a little thing known as conditional malware, but focus on only one of many variations. It’s a fun little read so i encourage it, I’m not a developer and write it so that most readers can understand it.

Then lastly, there is my most recent post:

Website Malware Removal — Blackhole Exploit: In it I share some quick tips on how to go about removing one of many variants from the Blackhole Exploit Kit. Nothing too crazy, easy enough to read and understand.

That’s a quick summary on what I’ve put out recently Security related.

Oh, and I’m working on a little something special for a decent size New syndicate that I’m excited about. Probably a few weeks out on that. Amazing what their editorial process is like.


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