Black Hole Exploit Kit 2.0 Released

If you’re not aware, there are number of kits available to crackers intent on causing your website harm. And NO, not all crackers are created equal.

There are those that are developing and creating their own infections and then there are those that leverage the infections being developed.

Today, one of the most prevalent kits out there has been updated – BlackHole Exploit Kit 2.0. This is never a fun period as they have made a number of updates designed to improve and better avoid detection across various AV engines. If you’re interested in better understanding this kit NakedSecurity put together a great document that I would recommend reading.

Of all the things reported in the release, the most interesting is the fact that the pricing will stay the same. That’s right, yet another example of how this stuff has been monetized and makes for a lucrative business.

And no, this kit is not used to infiltrate your environment, its used to compile an infection designed to target whatever the cracker may be interested in. Think last months Java Zero-Day’s, those interested in exploiting that vulnerability would be able to use a kit like this to create the infection they then upload into your environment.

Good Times!


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