Open New FileZilla Client / Window on a MAC

If you’re not familiar with Filezilla, it’s an open source tool that allows you to quickly FTP/SFTP into your servers.

Unfortunately, if you have worked on Windows and Mac you know that sometimes you can’t quite do all the same things. One of those things that has been irritating me for quite some time is opening a new instance of FileZilla on a Mac. By instance I mean a new window.

If you have it installed, you realize, that unlike other applications on a Mac if you right click you can’t just say New. That doesn’t work, so you have to do things like copy the FileZilla app, from Applications, and copy / paste renaming it to something else. Then you have to run each separate instance as you require. But what if you want 5 or 10 open? You don’t want 10 copies locally do you? Well, I don’t..

Here is a quick way that one of my guys found recently, it works great too.

Open your terminal and run:

# open -n /Applications/

This will create a new instance / window of your favorite FTP client — FileZilla.

What can I say, it’s about the little things sometimes.