Defense in Depth And Website Security

The concept of Defense in Depth is not new. It’s been leveraged in the InfoSec domain for a long time, and has it’s roots deeply embedded in military strategy and tactics. That however doesn’t mean that even those in the InfoSec domain explain or implement it correctly. To fully appreciate the idea of Defense in…

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How To Encrypt Gmail Emails Using Mailvelope

Over the past couple of years we’ve been reminded time and time again of how susceptible our communication mediums are to prying eyes. Classic examples of its susceptibility can be seen in the very public disclosure of General Petraeus affair in 2012, the release of over 170,000 emails after the Sony compromise in 2014, to the…

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5 Tips to Improve the Security of your Business

Trusted Security Information WordSesh

I don’t know about you, but as a business owner that offers a service to clients in which they instill their trust in us, there is nothing that worries me more than the idea of getting hacked. Enough so that it keeps me up most nights, but it’s likely amplified being it’s a security company.…

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The Dynamic and Complicated Online Threats

Tony Perez WordCamp US 2015

This May I was thrilled to travel to Prague, Czech Republic as a keynote speaker for J And Beyond 2015, An International Joomla Conference to deliver the talk The Dynamic and Complicated Online Threats (Challenges Website Owners Face). I was also thrilled to have my company, Sucuri, sponsor the event. After investing the better part…

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WordCamp Chicago 2014: WordPress Security Is All About the Basics

Tony Perez WordCamp Chicago 2014

Recently I had the opportunity to share my insights from the past five years working at Sucuri at WordCamp Chicago 2014 held at the University Center in downtown Chicago. My talk, WordPress Security: It’s All About the Basics, focused on experiences with end-user security issues and threats in the web security industry. With the goal…

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