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Internet Security

DNS is the internets lookup table, it builds a bridge between the domain name (e.g., perezbox.com) and the IP address (e.g., The IP address being where you can find the server that hosts the domain. In addition to its job as a lookup table, it can also serve as an effective security control. DNS…

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A Primer on DNS and Security

Software Design Challenges

If you’re reading this article you’ve interacted with DNS. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to spend any time online and not interact with DNS. Many of us spend very little time thinking about it. By design, it’s a “set-it and forget-it” tool that is often set up on our behalf (e.g., our home network,…

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How HTTPS Works – Let’s Establish a Secure Connection

The need to use HTTPS on your website has been spearheaded by Google for years (since 2014), and in 2018 we saw massive improvements as more of the web became encrypted by default. Google now reports that 94% of its traffic on the web is now encrypted. What exactly does HTTPS mean though? And how…

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The 2018 Facebook Data Breach

On September 28th, 2018, Facebook announced it’s biggest data breach to date. They estimated 50 million accounts were affected at the time of the disclosure. Subsequent to the disclosure, security professionals from all verticals took to the interwebs to provide what most would consider sensible advise: Time to update your passwords; Time to enable Two…

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Creating a Safe Online Experience At Home with Content Filtering

As a parent, and a technologist, I struggle with creating a safe online experience at home. I’m constantly playing with different technologies – hardware and software – trying to find a healthy configuration that will give me a higher degree of confidence inside my trust zone. I am specifically thoughtful about what my kids will…

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