YoastCon: The State Of WordPress Security

Tony Perez Keynote Speaker YoastCon

Almost five years ago, Joost started the company Yoast, offering website reviews and free plugins. Yoast’s core business was, and is, sharing knowledge and making it easier to create usable websites. Five years later Yoast has turned into one of the biggest WordPress plugin providers with 21 employees (and counting)! To celebrate reaching five years,…

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Website Access Control and Security

Website Access Control

Website security has become a hot bed over the past few years. More and more companies are joining the game in hopes of capitalizing on what they perceive to be huge opportunities. The one vector that seems to be all the rave is Access Control. When I talk to access control, I specifically talk to…

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A Day with the Woo: WooConf 2014

Woo Conf

To think I was not going to attend the event. It was already later in the year, November, and besides, as my beloved friend Chris Lema pointed out, I had been rejected to speak. Forgive @perezbox and his tweets. He got a rejection letter from #wooconf without even applying to speak. — Chris Lema (@chrislema)…

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Favorite Link Saver: @Pocket App

Pocket App

If you’re anything like me you’re constantly on the go, well at least in my mind I am. At least virtually you’re constantly moving, jumping between social streams, reading posts, updating posts, pushing posts, it’s our own little chaos of a world. For a while now though I’ve been really struggling with a clean way…

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MailChimp Subscribe Form Plugin via @CrowdFavorite

Website Optin Form

Decided to update my email subscription feature and in the process set out to find a more effective solution. I had been rocking the Jetpack  plugin and using their subscription module, but it left a lot to be desired. Mainly the lack of control, or appeared lack of control over my own data (my emails). For the…

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WordCamp Minneapolis 2014: Commercial WordPress Products

WordCamp Minneapolis 2014 WordPress Products Panel with Tony Perez

Recently I spoke at WordCamp Minneapolis 2014 on The Basics Of WordPress Security. At the event, I pulled double duty and also participated in a panel discussion on Commercial WordPress Products moderated by Kiko Doran with: Reid Peifer of Modern Tribe and Events Calendar Pro Marc Benzakein of ServerPress and Desktop Server Carl Hancock of…

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